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Space is available for Pre-school, Youth and Adult Intro Classes.

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Drop-In Taiko Classes! (Free)

  Think taiko drumming looks like fun, but you've never tried it before? Come out to one of our free, drop-in, no-obligation classes to see if it is a good fit for you. We have students of all ages, nationalities and musical abilities. It is truly enjoyable for everyone.

The Taiko Center is offering free drop-in classes at 1:00 pm on
Sunday, April 9
Sunday, May 21

Hope to see you there!

Or, if you're ready to sign up for a class now, visit the "Learn Taiko Drumming" page to register.

Novi TaikoFit Cardio Drumming is Now On!

Most cardio drumming classes use regular drumsticks to strike an exercise ball. In our TaikoFit class, you can enjoy the added excitement and power from striking a Japanese taiko drum, and get a more intense workout from using larger, heaver sticks. Reserve a spot and join in the drumming fun while exercising to great music! For more information, dates, and registration, check out our Meetup page, or email or call us.

(Upcoming class on Saturday March 11th 12-1PM.)

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Taiko Classes

Do you live in Michigan and want to learn Japanese taiko drumming? Visit the Taiko Classes page to register for beginner/introductory classes and to find out more about or ongoing classes.

If you've been waiting to give taiko a try, now is the perfect opportunity. All are welcome, regardless of age, gender, musical ability, etc.

email: or call 248-773-8899 for more information

The Great Lakes Taiko Center offers classes for children and adults.

email or call 248-773-8899 for more information about classes


Find out where we're playing next by checking the performances page or our Facebook page to get details. There are several fall performances coming up. Don't miss out!


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Enroll now in an Introductory Taiko Class and join us on the stage in June at the Redford Theater

  • Classes available for ages 3 - 93
  • No musical experience required
  • Stay active, learn a new skill and make new friends
  • Register for a class today and join the Midwest's largest taiko community!

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Free Drop-In Taiko Lessons

Drop-In Dates
Sunday, April 9 1:00 PM
Sunday, May 21, 1:00 PM

Have you ever wondered what it's like to play on a 3.5 foot diameter, 220 pound drum? Join one of our free drop-in taiko lessons for your chance to play on one of the largest taiko drums in North America.
During the lesson you will learn about the different types of taiko drums, proper stance and playing form, some basic rhythms and even a simple song.

RSVP on or send an email to

Ready to Join a class? Then visit our Learn Taiko Drumming page to find a class that fits you. There is never a charge to visit and observe/participate.

Are you looking for music classes with a twist? If you want to learn to play music, but don't get excited about traditional instruments like violin or piano, you should give taiko drumming a try. We are offer a wide selection of classes for all ages and all skill levels. Follow this link to register - Michigan Taiko Classes, or call to set up a free trial class or lesson 248-773-8899.

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Taiko drumming is a unique way to learn a fun and new skill, learn a musical instrument, be more active, exercise on a regular basis (yes, exercise), meet new people, and even pick up some Japanese language. Sign up now from the Registration page.

The Great Lakes Taiko Center is committed to sharing authentic, Japanese taiko drumming through education, workshops and performances. We love to share taiko and hope you will join us for a class at the Center.

What is taiko drumming? Japanese Taiko drumming combines music, communication skills, teamwork and a touch of martial arts to create a fun and unique art form.

Do I need to read music? No, it is not required. Our instructors teach in such a way that musicians and non-musicians alike can enjoy playing music together in a group.

Are there any age limits? We offer classes for almost every age, from 3 to 103. (Check out the video below to see what a toddler taiko class is like.)

Are your classes authentic? Our instructors were trained by professional taiko drummers in Japan and all our drums were purchased and imported from Japan.

Can I visit and observe a class? Yes, of course. Please contact the Taiko Center at 248-773-8899 or email at to inquire about the best class to visit.

Can you speak Japanese? はい、日本語でどうぞ。


Check out our spot on Kam's Corner, Fox 2 Detroit


Free trial classes are always available. Contact Brian or call 248-773-8899.


Check out more videos below:

We are listed on the Michigan Humanities Council Touring Program. Non-Profits are eligible to apply for grants to help cover the cost of hosting a performance or workshop.

 Visit here for information about applying for grants: Michigan Humanities Touring Program


Do you want to learn Taiko Drumming in Michigan?

"I've always wanted to learn taiko drumming, but don't think I'd be able to do it." Have you ever said that after seeing an exciting and energetic taiko performance? I told myself that for 7 years before I finally gave it a try. My only regret is that I didn't try it sooner.

We always welcome visitors to our classes to observe and/or participate. If you have not played taiko drums before, but would like to, please also consider one our beginner options.

Check out the Performance page for details about our upcoming performances.



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