Taiko Performances


The Great Lakes Taiko Center sponsors two performing groups: *Raion Taiko* professional taiko ensemble and *Godaiko Drummers* student community performers. Under the direction of Brian Sole, our taiko groups perform year-round in a variety of settings ranging from public arts festivals, music series concerts, school shows, marathons and dragon boat races, private weddings and parties, cultural and corporate celebrations, as well as interactive demonstrations and team-building workshops.

Our professional taiko ensemble *Raion Taiko* brings the joy and artistry of traditional Japanese taiko as well as contemporary taiko music to audiences in Michigan and beyond.

Raion Taiko Members (year joined):  Brian Sole (director & founder), Larry An (2009), Ash Brown (2016), Eileen Ho (2009), Tom Menzies (2009), Mayumi Sole (co-founder), Yoshino Watanabe (2016); Away Members: Yuko Nozoe (2015), Chitose Taguchi (2011), Wendy Whiteside (2011), Ken Yasui (2012)

Our community performing group *Godaiko Drummers* gives student members opportunities to develop their taiko performance skills and to share their love of playing taiko at local community events.

2017 Godaiko Drummers:  Shereen Allen-Youngblood, Tomoko Arai, Serena Barnes, Ken Brady, Jianin Chen, Katie Doi, Kyoko Johnson, Noriko Maidens, Noriko Masada, Miwa Neumann, Yukiko Saito, Mary Suzuki, Eri Yamaguchi




Godaiko Drummers at Northville 4th of July Parade

10am+ TUE 7/4 in Northville, MI

Godaiko Drummers perform in this annual event starting at 10am in downtown Northville (MI). Look out for our drummers at the Northville Independence Day Parade: All Star Salute to the USA!

Find out more about the parade and route on the event website at http://www.northvillecommunityfoundation.org/4th-of-july-parade.


Interested in booking a taiko performance at your own event? Please contact us with your performance inquiries at GLTC by email <raion.taiko@gmail.com> or phone (248) 773-8899.

Note:  Great Lakes Taiko Center is listed in the Michigan Arts & Humanities Touring Directory (Ethnic & Folk, p.24). Non-Profit Organizations are eligible to apply for touring grants from the Michigan Humanities Council to help cover the cost of hosting us for a taiko performance or workshop.


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