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GLTC 8th Annual Concert: Dream 夢 on June 10th 2018 @The Berman

Dream 夢 2018

GLTC 8th Annual Concert & Showcase

June 10th SUN 4:00pm

Doors open 3:30pm @The Berman


Join us as we celebrate our Dream of sharing the art and joy of taiko in the Midwest. Whether you are a taiko enthusiast or just curious to see Japanese taiko drumming for the first time, you are sure to enjoy the wonderful spirit of our Taiko Center students and the amazing artistry of our performing groups.

Our 8th Annual Concert showcases the GLTC 2017-2018 youth and adult students (from Tiny Tots to Advanced Taiko classes) and also features our performing groups, the popular Godaiko Drummers student team and the professional Raion Taiko Ensemble. Our new venue this year is The Berman Center for the Performing Arts in West Bloomfield Township. Tickets are available through The Berman online box office or by contacting GLTC for pickup in Novi, Michigan. [Advance tickets are $20/adult and $15/youth (12 & under); +$5 at the door.]


> Link to TheBerman.org for venue info & tickets

> Link to our Facebook event! www.facebook.org/greatlakestaiko



Three Weeks of Taiko

Last weekend we began three weekends of consecutive taiko performances. On Sunday, we traveled to Lake Orion (north of Pontiac) to be a part of the Dragon on the Lake Dragon Boat Races Opening Ceremony.  It was a beautiful day for the event, but we were glad to be done with our set by 11:30 because it was already starting to get hot. We only had 10 minutes to play so we did a short set of Raigun, an Odaiko piece and Mushi Okuri. One of the nice things about short sets is you feel like you can give your all and not worry about saving anything for the end of the concert. It is over before you know it. There were many people taking pictures as we played and some have shared them with us. Here are a few:


This Monday (September 6, Labor Day) we are excited to be a part of Royal Oak's Arts Beats and Eats festival. We will be performing at 11 AM on Vince and Joe's stage. We are particularly excited about this because we will be debuting a couple new pieces and will also be joined by my brother, Andrew Sole, the drummer of Chicago's popular group, The Detholz!.

We have performance for a private event on Sept 11 and the following weekend, on Sept 19th we will be in Saginaw for a Japanese festival at the Japanese gardens. Details can be found on our taiko performances page.

Finally, we will be starting new taiko classes next week. If you, or anyone you know might be interested, please check out our taiko classes page and get in contact with us at raion.taiko@gmail.com



Taiko Classes and More Pictures

There are a few blogs I check every once in a while and when they fail to update them at least once a week, I begin to get frustrated.  One of them, which promises to update every Monday, Wednesday and Friday has not updated for at least three weeks.  I am on the verge of not checking it anymore because I wonder if it will ever update. 

It has served as a reminder, though, that I do not update our own blog nearly as often as I should.  Even if it is just to pass on information, I believe it is considerate to try to update it on a regular basis.

More Pictures

In my last post, I wrote about our performance at the Mochitsuki event at the Center for Japanese Studies (U of M) and posted a few pictures.  I finally got the rest of the pictures from my dad and have added some of the better ones to our photo album.  Be sure to check them out.  Here is one to get you started ...

In other news, we began preliminary taiko classes on January 18th. So far we have had a good response and the two adult classes grew in number from week one to week two. We are now approaching capacity for both of them.  If you have been considering joining, don't wait too long, as they may fill up.

We were very honored to host a special guest on our very first day of lessons.  In attendance was Sumiyo Asano of Asano Taiko.  It was exciting to have her there as we made these first steps to begin sharing the taiko drumming we learned at Asano Taiko over the past few years in Michigan. Thank you for your visit, Sumiyo-san. We look forward to seeing you again soon. 

Sumiyo-san is also responsible for one of the blogs on the Asano Taiko website.  She also wrote about her visit, which you can read about and see pictures here: Asano Tsushin.

One change in classes to note, especially if you are interested in the Monday evening classes.  We found that our planned starting times were too early for children getting out of school and adults getting off of work, so we have moved the starting times back slightly.  The new times are as follows:


5:00 - 6:00 PM Children's class

6:00 - 7:30 PM Adult class

We hope that this is more convenient and will allow more people to attend the classes.

Until next time (hopefully, it won't be too long)...




A New Year

2009 is coming to a close in just a few more days.  I think I will remember this year as a transitional year for us.  We made the move back to Michigan from Kanazawa, bringing with us our taiko drums.  Much of the first half of the year was spent making preparations for that move.  This fall we have kept ourselves busy with settling in and getting organized. It's been quite a year, with a fair amount of uncertainties, but nearly the same amount of excitement about all that we hope to accomplish in the coming year.

Since we returned in the fall we have had a few small performances, given a few group lessons, help support a group in Detroit get a taiko program off the ground, set up a studio, held an open house and expanded the members of Raion Taiko from two to five! (We'll have to introduce them soon.)

So far 2010 looks to be an exciting and promising one.  We are on track to start a couple classes at the end of January.  We just set up a page with information about when and what type of classes we will be offering. Please take a look at the Taiko Classes page for more information. If you are interested in enrolling, be sure to send us an email to let us know (raion.taiko@gmail.com).

There are also several performances coming up for Raion Taiko. We have confirmed performances in January, February, March, June and several more in the works.  The January and February performance details are posted on our Performances page and the others will be put up as details are worked out. Please stop by and check out the dates and if we're performing in your neck of the woods, we would love to have you come out and see us.

Wondering what you might see if you come out?  Here is a little clip from our last practice.  We still have a lot of work to do and we haven't even made all the stands that we require for certain songs, but that's alright.  Just remember, these are works in progress. 

"Why the towels?" you ask? Of course, it is to cut down on the sound. Good for our eardrums and the neighbors.  Still, I hope we won't always have to play with towels on the drums.

Happy New Year everyone! See you in 2010!